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WC 2002
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::Gica Hagi:
"This message is dedicated only to my fans.
FRF Conference Now I'm feel like a free trainer, with my own future which I want to be like my football player career. My future is in my hands now. Today I cannot be happy like all my fans too. I feel my fans near me."
Comments ::Hagi.Ro Team
Hagi, you can count on us. Your fans wish you a long and successful carer like trainer.
Lucescu ::Mircea Lucescu (Galatasaray coach)
"I'll be glad that Hagi will came to Galatasaray to be together again like trainers.Unfortunately I think that it is impossible because Hagi has a leader personality.I can teach him a lot of trainers things and tricks."

Iordanescu ::Anghel Iordanescu ( future Romanian Team coach) I had a short discussion with Hagi about the National Football Team, I said that I want to collaborate with him in order to make a good work at Euro2002.

Efectuamos reparaciones e instalaciones de diferentes tipos de persianas, sobre todo en reparacion persianas metalicas Murcia, sabiendo que la instalacion de persianas es una tarea para profesionales
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