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Subject: Jos cu Boloni sus cu Hagi

Nu inteleg de ce speriatul ala de Boloni da afar jucatorii din Nationala........... Cred ca ar merita sa fie el dat afara cit de curid.... Hagi trebuie sa mearga inapoi la natioala, fara el, nu ne calificam la Mondiale!!!!!!!
Hagi is the BEST!!!!!!!!!


RE: Jos cu Boloni sus cu Hagi

Hagi could be a very good trainer now for the national team of Romania, but not more... As player is finished for a few years, sorry ! The proof is his nervosity on the ground. The people who cannot anymore manage their job become always nervous and irritant !


RE: Jos cu Boloni sus cu Hagi

Why do you think Hagi can be a good trainer for the National Team of Romania but no more? I think Hagi is capable of being a good trainer everywhere as far as some conditions are satisfied such as a "fair" base for playing football which he can get the outcomes of his work, a place where he is loved and respected, a hardworking and disciplined staff (both the players and the others)etc. You may say that every trainer will want to work in such conditions for sure but in my opinion these are more important for Hagi because at whatever age he is, he has an amateur spirit more than proffessional.And this is one of the most important thing, besides his impressive talent, which makes Hagi, "HAGI".
You may be somehow right about his being nervous but don't forget that it is not something new.I sometimes easily distinguish the times he is nervous because he can't stand the judgements of referees which are wrong from Hagi's point of view and the times he is nervous just because he can not do what he exactly wants.In general, the first one is more related with ambition, willing to win all the time and being intolerant to injustice.But the second one may be more relevant to your thesis. :)
Anyway it became a quite long message and I felt as if I am writing and academic article. :) Bye..


RE: Jos cu Boloni sus cu Hagi

Incognito i think u r right that Hagi is nervous at the pitch allthought I dont think it`s becouse he cant manage his job cuse I know he can. It`s more cuse what happent in Euro 2000 Italy and some other things like the wrongly red card he recived in the uefa cup final against Arsenal. things like that have made him nervous and insecured. But also that Hagi is old and his legs wont keep on running for one more season.
Nobodey can keep on running for ever not even Hagi.


RE: Jos cu Boloni sus cu Hagi

Thanks to support my opinion !
Become older is a problem not only for Hagi but for everyone, everywhere, anytime... Some people accept and retire other not. Hagi can play wonderful about 30 min against strong teamS and he can always make some tricks with the ball like anybody else but that's all. The rest is only history...In fact if I am thinking deeper, when playing for Real and Barca, he was never playing 90 min !?

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